Electronic Engineering

Teaching Materials (For university lecturers or educators who need resources to use in classroom or lab)

Electronics test and measurement equipments, Trainers and software help to provide the students the most complete solution for education and training purposes.

The following test equipments provides for Basic Electronics lab:

  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • DC Power Supply
  • Voltage regulator
  • Function Generator
  • Soldering Irons with sucker
  • Pulse Generator
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Analogue Multimeter
  • Electronics components
  • Accessories

In addition,

  • Basic Electronics Trainer
  • Analog and Digital Trainer
  • Digital Trainer
  • Power Electronic Trainer
  • Industrial Electronic Trainer
  • MSDZ Trainer
  • Communication Trainer
  • Mikroelectronica Board
  • PLC
  • Cyclone board
  • National Instruments
  • Switch and Router

University lecturers or educators teach or demonstrate by using the above lab equipments in each subject for the whole course of electronic engineering.