Electronic Engineering Department

The department of Electronic Engineering of Technological University (Hpa-An) was established in 1999. Electronics engineers typically possess an academic degree with a major in electronic engineering. The length of study for a degree is six years and the completed degree designated as a Bachelor of Engineering. Electronic engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, fabrication and operation of the circuits, electronic devices and systems. Our degree develops the knowledge and skill for carriers.

The Electronic Engineering Department provides teaching and research activities mainly in the area of:

Engineering Electronics Circuits
Analog Circuits
Digital Circuits
Advanced Analog Circuits
Technical Programming
PIC Microcontroller
Digital Design with HDL
Modern Control System
Power Electronic System
Programmable Logic Controller
Digital Signal Processing
Electronic Communication System
Digital Communication System
Computer Communication System
Microwave System
Advanced Communication System

Staff of Electronic Engineering Department

6U Min Thein Aung TinAssistant LecturerME (EC)theinaungtin@gmail.com
13Daw Marlar AyeAssistant LecturerAGTI (EC)marlaraye2018@gmail.com
1Dr.Tin Hla WinProfessor & HeadPh.D (EC)tinhlawin@gmail.com
11Daw Ei Shwe ZinAssistant LecturerBE (EC)eishwezin.1684@gmail.com
3Daw Hnin Nu WaiLecturerME (EC)hninnuwai210@gmail.com
8Daw Khine Zar ThinAssistant LecturerME (EC)kthweoo871022@gmail.com
9Daw May Thet OoAssistant LecturerME (Thesis)maythetoo.maythet@gmail.com
5Daw Tin Nilar KyawAssistant LecturerME (EC)tinnilarkyaw.ec@gmail.com
14Daw Thet Hmu SanDemonstratorBE (EC)thethmusan.kuk@gmail.com
7Daw ThidaAssistant LecturerME (EC)thidathi6@gmail.com
4Daw Thin Pwint PhyuLecturerME (EC)fragrancepwintphyu@gmail.com
10U Sai Ye Aung PhyoAssistant LecturerME (Thesis)saiyeaungphyoec@gmail.com
2U Tun Lynn AungAssociate ProfessorME (EC)tunlynnaung09@gmail.com
12Daw Zin Wint ThuAssistant LecturerBE (EC)zinwintthu15889@gmail.com