Electrical Power Engineering Department

The department of electrical power engineering is one of the major departments of Technological University (Hpa-An). It has founded in August 1998 to offer A.G.T.I certificate with 43 students. In recent years, the department had two kinds of degree programs: B.Tech and B.E in electrical power engineering. At present, our department delivers only B.E program with 15 members of teaching staff.

1 Principle of Electrical Engineering I,II (EP-11011, EP-12011)
2 Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis I,II (EP-21011, EP-22011)
3 Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis III,IV (EP-31011, EP-32011)
4 Applied Electrical Engineering I,II (EP- 21013, EP-22013)
5 Electrical Design Estimating & Costing (EP-32034)
6 Electrical Safety & Ethic (EP-61014)
1 Basic Electronic (EP-21014, EP-22014)
2 Power Electronic (EP-31014, EP-32014)
1 Generation, Transmission and Distribution I,II (EP-21026, EP-22026)
2 Design and Layout of Power System I,II (EP-41036, EP-42036)
3 Power System Analysis I,II (EP-41042, EP-42042)
4 Power System Protection I,II (EP-51022, EP-52022)
5 Power System Stability (EP-51002)
6 Economic Operation of Power System (EP-52012)
7 Computer Aided Electrical Engineering (EP-61033)
8 Power System Reliability (EP-61012)
1 Linear Control System I,II (EP-41027,EP-42027)
2 Programmable Logic Control I,II (EP-41028,EP-42028)
3 Modern Control System I,II (EP-51017,EP-52017)
4 Electrical Machine & Control I,II (EP-51014,EP-52014)
5 Electromechanics I,II (EP-21021,EP-22021)
6 Electrical Machine & Operation I,II (EP-31021,EP-32021)
7 Electromagnetic Field I,II (EP-31033,EP-32033)
8 Electrical Machine I,II (EP-41043,EP-42043)
9 Electrical Machine & Design I,II (EP-41021,EP-42021)
10 Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation (EP-31025)
11 Electromechanical Energy Conversion I,II (EP-51043,EP-52043)
 Technological University (Hpa-an)   
Electrical Power Engineering Department
2019-2020 Academic Year
1Dr. Marlar Thein OoProfessor & HeadPh.D Electrical Powermalartheinoo@gmail.com
2Daw Thida SanLecturerM.E Electrical Powerthidasan956@gmail.com
3Daw Myat Zarchi AungLecturerM.E Electrical Powermzcaung@gmail.com
4Daw Ei Ei ChawLecturerM.E Electrical Powereieichaw1981.ep@gmail.com
5Daw Sandar AungLecturerB.E Electrical Powersandaraungep910@gmail.com
6Daw Yi Yi Lwin NweLecturerB.E Electrical Poweryeyelwinnwe@gmail.com
7Daw Phyo Ma Ma KyawAssistant LecturerB.E Electrical Powerphyomama873@gmail.com
8Daw Thida SweAssistant LecturerB.E Electrical Power
9Daw Nan Tin Wai HlaingAssistant LecturerB.E Electrical Powersumyatthit331744@gmail.com
10Daw Naw Moe ThidaAssistant LecturerM.E Electrical Powernanmoethidar@gmail.com
11Daw Wint War WarAssistant LecturerB.E Electrical Powerwint.warwar65@gmail.com
12Daw Zin Mi Mi TunDemonstratorB.E Electrical Power
13Daw Thin Thin KhaingDemonstratorB.E Electrical Powerthinkaing775@gmail.com
14Daw Theint Theint SweDemonstratorB.E Electrical Powertheinttheint.ep@gmail.com
15Daw Khin Su Su LwinDemonstratorB.E Electrical Powersulwin96@gmail.com