Acting Rector

Acting Rector’s Message

  To develop and improve Engineer intellectual which are essential in building a stable and developed country and be able to study Engineering subjects for the youth in Kayin State, Technological University (Hpa-A) was founded  in 1993 as a Government Technical High School. It had been been transformed to Government Technical College on 28th December, 2000. On 20th January, 2007 it was finally upgraded to Technological University (Hpa-An).

  Technological University (Hpa-An ) provides undergraduate engineering education and training services which needed in the country. At present, the University is offering four Engineering programs: Civil Engineering , Electronic Engineering , Electrical Power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. There are about 850 students who are currently studying at TU ( Hpa-An ). There are many facility resources in Our University for students, teachers and staff such as multimedia classrooms, lecture rooms, labs, lab equipments, library and etc….. The University provides access to free internet services specifically for teachers, students and staff. Other sporting facilities and recreational areas are also available in the University Campus such as a good football field, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and so on. Our products will be granted for their quality and professional ethics. After our technological university had been recognized by ISO 9001:2015, we are performing making effort to get accreditation from the guidelines of the Engineering Education accreditation Committee (EEAC) under Myanmar Engineering Council (MEngC).

 Advances in technology have led to unprecedented new opportunities for our students to get effective outcomes, and lifelong learning. Lifelong learning deals with industry 4.0  whether this results in a positive or negative outcome for the world .We are making effort to meet our mission to achieve continual learning and innovations with the mutual support and cooperation of industrial, technological and research projects.

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